Upstate South Carolina Throwers

So excited!

Man If we can time it right that would be awesome, thanks dude! I’ll give you some gas money, I’d hate to miss this meeting too

If he can’t get you I can try.

Awesome man thanks!

No problem, pretty sure my number is in your DMs, call me if you need to.

I’ll try and be there right at 7pm, maybe a few minutes early.

Yeah just DM me, I’m gonna go home first from work so I’ll just leave a little early and swing by

I just remembered how to throw Grandma Kimmit Sandwich if anyone wants to learn it!! Lol

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Me and @azazel arrived a little earlier than planned, we’re here now posted up in the back, the shop employees know we’re here and whatnot

So much fun!

Love to see the pics you guys took, I forgot to take any


Great time hanging out with @moby323, @jon_dohnson, @azazel, and @Selenica!!! Looking forward to next time y’all!

IMG_20190815_200506 IMG_20190815_200525


Super cool guys! I so wish I could have made it :sleepy:


@jon_dohnson @Selenica here is that 3A freestyle I was telling you about


Neat! Been wanting to see that!

Did anyone snag boardwalk security footage of me landing that chopsticks suicide?! :joy::joy: Seriously never ever landed that before

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You must be the exact opposite of me, if anyone is watching I instantly throw 10x worse, you got a crowd watching and landed a crazy difficult attempt

Hey guys so for the next meetup, does anyone have a preferences between Wednesday or Thursday?

I was thinking of booking the table at Boardwalk three weeks from now since Andrew said he probably can’t make it in two weeks, but in three weeks I’m going out of town on Thursday so I was gonna change it to Wednesday.

Another option is to wait another week and do Thursday Sept 12. Any thoughts on that?

@jon_dohnson @yofanatic05 @deep-spaced @Dpike222 @BCYG @azazel @Damo @Selenica @mongoosethrowsyoutub

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At the moment I have no preference.

Hey I’ve mentioned throwing to my barber in the past and he texted me the other day if the MagicYoYo N12 is a good beginner yo-yo and then he ordered one.

4 days later he’s asking me if he should get a Sugar Glider or a Horizon lol. Long story short, he and his partner caught the throwing bug and asked if they could come to the next meetup so there are 2 new people coming lol


Either September 4th or September 12th is fine with me!

I started with Magic! They’re horrible BUT THEY WILL MAKE YOU ACCURATE! :smiley:

Guys I’ve been thinking, what about a game that’s like a hybrid between SK8 and H.O.R.S.E? Like you throw a trick, say, 3 suicides, they land it, they choose the next trick- if they miss it, they get a letter, then they throw, (unlike horse because then you could just start throwing crazy stuff). Something like that. Anyone into that? It could be done with matches of simple tricks like flips and hops ideally