(Updated/Reduced Prices) FS: Gnarwhal, DXL Crucial Heavy Cream, Nickel Code 1, CLYW Avalanche, +more. Prices are up

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Hey, welcome to my shop. I stopped throwing consistently about 4 years ago and want to thin out my collection, so here’s what I got:

Everything is smooth except for a tiny vibe on the code 1.


-DXL Crucial Heavy cream. This one is hard to let go. Super smooth and fun to play. 60$

-OD Cafe Racer. NM. Just a small brown scuff. Forgot the name of the colorway but it looks really nice. 35

-Nickel Code 1. Few small dings. Small vibe. Nickel darkening. Small nickel imperfection. Small amount of corrosion near the bearing. Could be a great throw with some cleaning and TLC. 30$

-Red/Silver Genesis. NM. Plays well. Only one tiny scratch on silver side. 25$

-Purple/Blue splash CLYW Avalanche. Mint. Amazing throw and probably my favorite feel of any yoyo when playing. 75$

-CLYW Gnarwhal. Light blue, yellow splash. Very, very thin scratches which you cannot feel. 40

-Steve Brown painted FH Zero. NM 30$

-Feel free to ask about the other yoyos I have in the pictures.

-Split Shipping Costs

Thanks for looking

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Hello was interested in your Purple Ava, you say its mint with no damage?

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