FT:C3 Darksonic,Spyy Spyder 113 WYYC 2007 ver.,Crucial Heavy Cream Uni4rm Ed.

Has some scratches from play but is a great yo-yo overall,bearing is broken in and this thing can sleep for days(not literally).Not really sure what this guy is valued at so i’m keen to hear any offers really.

Crucial is in purple its the Uni4rm edition not sure if it raises value or not has some scuffs one of my all time favorite yoyo’s but i think its time to pass it on.

Spyder is amazing I personally just dont like undersized throws.

Album of pictures here: http://imgur.com/a/SI2Jh

Im looking to trade all of these for a single CLYW or Onedrop and maybe some kitty string.

Make me an offer,im keen to most stuff.