New BST. Cut, DXL Heavy Cream, Avalanche, Nickel Code 1


Hey everybody,
Its been a while since i’ve thrown a lot of my yoyos, so I figured I could sell some. Im going with best offer since i’m not too sure where the market on these throws are like so offer up! I tried to also include any damages in my pictures. I would also trade all 4 for a Wii U

hspin cut. VNM. Small discoloration circle and a tiny bit more dull since I got it but plays great.

Crucial DXL Heavy Cream. NM. A few tiny pinpricks and a very shallow scratch which does not affect play. No box.

CLYW Avalanche. VNM. Tiny red mark on the rim and a small non-noticeable discoloration inside the rim. No box.

One Drop Nickel Plated CODE 1. A few pinpricks and one hefty ding which can be felt. A little Nickel discoloration also. Still Smooth and have the box




Hey, its a bump

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