UPDATED FT: 888x, ILYY lio

getting rid of some yit, i can send pictures via mobile since i do not have a camera. feel free to offer and lowball, i wopnt mind. the worst thing that can happen is i say no

1. SPYY pistolero, star grade and unengraved. will silicone upon request if not il just send it with duncan silicone stickers, it has the engraving around the rim, it just doesnt say spyy around the spike traded for 888x with TheNickelEater

  1. ILYY lio, this is lime green and has the canflon finish. it’s gonna take a lot for me to part with this one

  2. Duncan throw monkey, pretty well used but has a clean bearing and monkey head or ball with it, i also have a translucent green fh2

  3. Yyf 888x, black. comes with red rice stacks with stock stacks, also has a kk. sorry i dont have original flat bearing. have box, there is now dings on one of the rims, you can feel it and barely breaks anno. does not affect play at all

if youre interested in any of this you can pm me or shoot me a text at 1-863-610-9490, it’s just faster than email