LOTS of stuff(UPDATED...Prices Lowered, added SPYY Pistolero)


Ok, I am trying to get some money to get a camera so I can start filming some better vids. So I have a lot of yo-yos here for you guys to take a look at:


Hitman $25

The good 'ol hitman no dings or scratches, but the rims are dull with play. Comes with tez-o-rings.

Alchemy CULater $50

Alchemy CULater. Nothing special has marks from the floor shown in pic. No dings.

Alchemy Silk $30

Good Silk changed to dif pads. Has some marks shown in pic.

Turning Point Leviathan $90

This is the Turning Point Leviathan. Good condition. Scored it off Jon Martin at Worlds.

Alchemy MX $75

The Alcemy MX, Excellent Condition, no dings or Marks

yoyo factory superstar $80

3 small dings. plays perfect

throwdown luchadore $85

2 minuscule dings on the blue half. plays perfect, no wobble or vibration

dif-e-yo zzzzip fly-f $45

mint condition.

yoyofactory team edition 888 small bearing $70

slight vibration to the touch, perfectly smooth on the string

SPYY pre-production Pistolero $110 (pictures too big for this page. click link)


This is the Pre production SPYY Pistolero. Has been thrown twice.



(Zer0) #3



how is the 888 b grade different from the regular one.

(SR) #5

It either has a minor anno flaw, or has vibe. I have one, it has a few anno errors, but plays amazing.

(Zer0) #6

b-grades often have vibe or a scratch or tilts or the paint job is bad. A-grades are the ones that came out perfect. like the ones they sell here


does the b grade almost play as good as the regulr

(SR) #8

It plays just as good as the regular 888.

(Zer0) #9

so ya i can buy the 888 if we money transfered or cash or check but id have to wait a week for paypal.
By 888 i mean the b-grade


Pmed you :slight_smile:

(Zer0) #12

i should be sending money in for b-grade


You really aren’t able to decide that SR.



(TP) #16

how much lower would you go on the 888


I think I may buy that silk, but i have to return my broken x-mas present if i hae enough money… I’ll pm you as soon as that happens

I have a pretty sweet video camera… I’ll PM you sometime

(system) #18