(updated)CLYW: New Chiefs,Gnarwhals and Campfires!


Title says it all.

Anyone know when these will become available!?



They tossed up a picture of a couple new campfires as well the other day.

Im guessing they have yet to release info on the release dates.



New campfires? Yippe!


I have a 28 stories edition on the way. Its going to be my first undersized throw. Cant wait!

I wonder what they are going to call that Silver w/ green splash one. I personally like “The Oil” one better. Kind of a lame name, but still a sweet color scheme!



man… wish they shipped the Canvas out to YYE !!!


Whats that have to do with this thread? lol


(Edmeister) #7

Their were 2 Campfires at the Contest today.
They’re released but not to the Public yet.
For the chiefs I believe their was 2 aswell…


Cheifs come out tonight at 10PM!!!