JUST GOT A GOOSE BAY CAMPFIRE( i doubt the all caps rage will attract people :)

i just got a goosbay campfire!!! its smalller then i expected… but still plays like a pro. its still in the process of breaking in and i love it!! (disregard my spelling, my hands are stil shaking from the awesomeness the campfire is giving off)

glad you like it. Its always good to see a yoyoer that likes his yoyo!

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always. thanks so much!

I used to have a Goose Bay Gnarwhal.
The pictures don’t do the colorway justice, It looks so much better in person.

Where did you get a goose bay campfire? I thought they were only on gnarwhals.



I love mine! :slight_smile: I’m afraid to throw it as often because I don’t want to hurt it. such a great color way

I’m surprised they didn’t sell out on the spot, I bought mine without even thinking and I’m glad I did.

I have a mirror polished campfire. LOVE it!!!

I’ve debated doing this to mine…

I have a mint Peak :wink:

I was going to say that I’m happy you do, but… the winking face threw me off…

Winking faces always throw me off…

oh haha my bad^ what about this one ;D ;