Up-to-date Photos

I know it’s hard to keep all photos current, but looking at the YYJ Classic page, I currently have no idea what the various options will look like. “Blue body, Yellow Caps”… is that the new navy and neon one? Or is the blue a medium blue and the yellow a more normal (non-neon) yellow?

There are other yoyos that are available in colours not pictured as well, but the Classic sticks out.

I recently asked Andre to compare a couple of Classics so I could decided what to purchase. The Classic is going to be a “problem child” because of this issue: too many colors and color combinations.

I’m currently taking shots of my YYJ yoyos. I’ve done a lot of shooting recently of my metals and a few choice plastics. It’s time consuming and not easy work. Real “pain in the rear” kind of stuff when you have to do marathon sessions. But I do feel that up to date photos are a ideal goal to try to keep under control. It could be worse, because in my case I’m starting with nothing. In the case of YYE, they have a library already.

One thing I would like to add is a description of the make, model and colorway on each photo so you know exactly what you’re looking at so you can buy. While most aren’t really a problem, there’s been a few that could have benefited from this.

If I didn’t have so much other stuff to do, I’d actually enjoy setting up a proper workstation/work area for photography. I’m sort of working on having all the parts I want and need so I can set up the proper work area. I just need smaller items like a small turn-table pedestal.

Alternately… send the stuff to me and I could shoot it and turn it around. However, YYE has all this taken care of in-house, which is really the best way to go.

Yup, they seem to have a lighting setup; drop in a yoyo and shoot. But then of course you have to process each photo, upload it, and update the page it’s displayed on.

I’m sure you saw YYJ’s Facebook post with the new Classic colours. They’ve taken some photos already, clearly! I know how awesome it is for YYE’s product shots to have a consistent and predictable look, but in the case of something like the Classic, I wonder if it should just be a collection of group shots. :wink: 6 or more yoyos per image, just to give an idea of colour.

Then again, you’d have to label them on the image, too. Not as easy as it sounds, I’m sure.

I just uploaded some more photos. I agree with your assessment of things like the Classic: Once you get the shape and basics done, I’d say a big group shot would be suitable. Or just pick an angle and just run them through one at a time.

In the case of my currently 3 Classics, I used fewer photos. With my Unleashed, 1 photo got all 6 done. I’m not sure how many shots I’ll be using for my 6 Aquarius.