YYJ Classic best color combination? (Your opinion)


Thank you everyone who replied my last post, I have decided I’ll go for YYJ Classic.
Now the next thing to decide is the color combination
It comes with different body and cap color or can be all solid color aswell.
Google Images link: YYJ Classic
All colors are:
Orange, Yellow, Lime
White Black Blue
Purple Pink Red
So any color cap and any color body or solid
The very first color YYJ shows it in:
It can be a lot of variation, most of You will say “choose the one you like” but the problem is that I like a few different ones, so please tell me the one you like.
I want the color that will be easier to see on video, without special background.
I know all colors can look great on video, but some are better looking and most of the times do not blend, like for example yellow/green neon strings are compared to other.
I was thinking about solid blue, or some mix with orange. Black looks good on pictures but definetly not on video. I do not want red because I have red yoyo already.
Feel free to put a few suggestions.






Im confused


My favorite is the black cap/white body. I call it Oreo Cookie.

I have one that is red cap/yellow body, I use that for 5A. Colors were chosen to represent a Vietnam trip I bought it for. This is kind of an ugly combination in my opinion, the YYJ red/yellow for the Classic.

I have an all blue and an all red. This is my 3A pair, or will be.

Last, I have a light blue cap/white body, that I have set up responsive. All 5 of these are siliconed.

I will be getting 2 more soon. They won’t be siliconed. One will be kept responsive and one with a YYJ Speed bearing. The purpose of having so many is for demonstration purposes.


I think the one That’s blue with Blue caps looks sick.

100% Blue 8)


I like the one in the picture. It’s nice and bright, really pops. It’ll look great on camera!


Black with pink caps and yellow string


I love my pink body white cap. Looks Phenomenal.


Loved the orange with blue caps Classic I had. Nice and bright =)



There was one out there with a blue that was more like navy. That colour, along with neon green, was awesome. (both the neon green body with navy caps, and navy body with neon green caps were suh-weet!)