detail pics too dark

the detail pics for all the yoyos are all way too dark, it sort of hides the yoyo, making it seem like youre not EXACTLY sure what it looks like. i like looking at the detail pics whenever something comes out, and yye has good pics but in my opinion they should be taken with better lighting and a white back round. im not suggesting you redo all the pics but just do it in the future with new yoyos.

please tell me your opinions regarding this


definetly. :wink:

yes that will help so much

Great post. I’ve found that true as well.


Yeah, it makes it hard to put them into signatures :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, yes, this also reminds me that Andre also has to put something with a fixed size that everyone knows beside the yoyo in the pictures. This would make judging the size of the yoyo easier.

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No store does that. I don’t see how it would be possible either. It would be unprofessional - Just look at the specs.

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it seems like a good idea but if youre buying $60 plus yoyos you should have a fair idea of how big it will be, although when i saw my m1 after getting it and i only had a dark magic to compare to i was quite suprised by the size. but either way once you have tried a few different things you should have a general idea.

here is a perfect example of what im talking about, this is the gap pic of the die nasty-

that is such an easy thing to fix and i really hope yye makes the changes ive suggested

Wow, I agree, that’s just to dark. If you look at pictures of the BOSS, there’s an example of what would be nice to have.

i didnt even know they did that with the BOSS pics, thats exactly what i would like to see.

Yeah, when I saw the BOSS pics, I thought they were going to switch over to white, but then I realized it was just because the BOSS is black…

i agree the pics are 2 dark

I vote they send one of each to me and ill photograph them hahahahahaha… Worth a shot :slight_smile:

I know this thread hasn’t been updated in awhile, but here is possibly one of the best examples of this problem. The Duncan Mayhem, just got here a few days ago, and I wanted to show you how bad it is, cause I just noticed it now. You can barely see anything, lol.

yeah i saw it, Andre said theyre working on it and they will eventually change it

Cool. Thanks Andre!

That’s so true…it makes the yoyo look darker than usual…

for cereal yye, get a halogen light a white sheet and take the pic, its like youre trying to hide stuff from us