unresponsive stalls

are there any? (like stop and go)


Also, watch some Johnny Devale (sp?) videos. He does quite a few different stalls and such.

There’s a section on palm stalls here a little bit passed the 4 minute mark

Palm stalls take a bit of getting used to I guess. What I do is when I bind I keep the string closest to the knot on my finger in between my index and middle finger that way the yoyo gets guided to the back of my hand. Also when the string is getting wound around the axle during the bind it should be wrapping towards the bottom of the axle and not the top. If that’s a bit confusing you want the yoyo, when returning, to be the opposite of when you do a break away so that if the yoyo were to be resting in your hand the string from your middle finger to the gap would be closer to your palm and not away from it.

And in this vid there are a few string stalls as well at around 15 seconds

warning: explicit language in the video

String stalls are pretty straight forward if you ask me, you want to bind and catch the yoyo on the string. Again I find it easier if you catch the yoyo on the opposite side of where the string is being wrapped around the axle. If none of this made sense I can always take some pictures if you want, just let me know