what are stalls?

please post vids thanks


The video there.

Stalls are when you throw toss the yoyo up, catch it between two hands. Then you slide your hands across each other quickly and get it spinning,  bind, and land it on a part of your body. Then you fling it off, and bind back. The first and the last trick in the video up there. Usually, it is done at the end of a trick, when the yoyo is dying or something, or just to polish up the trick.

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Here is a whole video about stalls. :wink:


stalls are when the yoyo is dead(not spinning) but is not in ur palm most common stalls are back of the hand stalls and string stalls.
back of the hand stalls.
.with the yoyo spinning slowly do a dave bind/brainswister bind(these in my opinion are the easyist to do a stall from) tug up with your non throw hand to make the yoyo come to you at more of an vertical angle, then just place your hand under the yoyo so your back of your hand is facing the yoyo. let the yoyo fall onto it and there it is just throw down and your done. p.s the angle help the yoyo stay on your hand.
string stall.
.same thing with the bind and angle but this time GENTLY place your non throw hand finger in to the string- you should be in a trapeze with the yoyo dead and the yoyo half coiled up then just dismount out of the trapeze, the yoyo will be spinning slowly. Bind and there it is.
You can also grab the yoyo when it is re-coiling the throw down.
Good luck.