jd's stalls

(Ryan) #1

how do you actually do stalls?


Sorry you didn’t get a reply… but I have no idea what a stall is, so just search around google. It will take you a while, I couldn’t find a single thing. Maybe ask Andre? But he’s sooo busy…


stalls r just when u stop the yoyo then start it with ur hands, right? just do them like in the x-con movie


I think it’s like this



That’s exactly correct.


See how many replies I got you? ;D ;D ;D

(Ryan) #7

haha lol thanks but im still not sure how to do it and it is not stop n go


Stalls are really hard I’ve been working on them for like a month and still can’t do it but you really just have the yoyo on a strig and put your thumb in the gap and push down hard. hope this helped :frowning: