So…im trying to learn Riccardo’s trick leopard fedora…can somebody explain me what is happening with that crazy bindy grindy thing?

That part of the trick involves a bind and “stall” on the string - it is an element that is common in fixed axle play but can be done on an unresponsive, as well.

Here are some tips for performing “Leopard Fedora”:

Don’t throw hard at the beginning - a slow spin makes the stall a little easier to land. You may notice that Riccardo simply rolls the yoyo out of his hand to start the trick - you do not need much spin for this one.

The bind is performed like a plastic whip bind - carefully toss the yoyo into the double strings and the yoyo should bind. If you are having trouble with the bind, practice that part by itself without the stall.

For the stall, keep your non throw hand finger on the string when you perform the bind, and as the yoyo returns you will want to move your non throw hand finger under the yoyo similar to how you would land a trapeze. If the yoyo is hitting the string and bouncing off, then try to cushion the landing.

Keep practicing and have fun!

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.