Unresponsive Stall

Does anyone have any tutorials on any of these?

It looks awesome, but I will probably need a little help pulling it off.
I know Ed has a bunch of fixed tuts here, but it’s a little different with an unresponsive throw.

i would help u but i dont know what a fixed alxe yoyo is

How are you sure it’s unresponsive? Never heard of such stall, tho I’m fairly new here, but I would say since I’ve watched this guy’s tutorials, it a modded wide yoyo, unlikely unresponsive.

It’s in the title of the video.
He is doing fixed axle style tricks with an unresponsive yoyo.

You can also see him bind.

Well, unresponsive is not in the title (bearing can be responsive) but I agree that it seems to be an unresponsive bearing yo-yo judging by the way he is playing with binds. A Minute perhaps?

I think the trick with these is to learn how to catch stalls in several ways (trapeze, lunar, etc.) and learn to catch them that way off binds; gotta be on your toes. Probably means really getting familiar with the binding characteristics of a particular yo-yo.

Glad you shared this, I’m going to try these concepts with my tricks!

You just bind… and stall as it comes back.

The width of most unresponsive yoyos makes it an interesting job to catch it, but it’s not impossible by any stretch.

They’ve pretty simple once you’ve gotten the feel for them. Pinch the string when you bind and be quick. Make sure you have them 90% of the time on a responsive throw before frustrating yourself with this.

Oh I see, it was in the title of the article I linked from, but not in the youtube video.
Sorry about that.

I’ve managed to work some out but the width is making it tricky.

I think -Someone- is right about learning on a responsive first. If I had one worth stalling on I would do that :stuck_out_tongue:

It also seems that you get a lot of momentum coming back at your hand if you try and stall right after a hard throw. It seems easier at lower yoyo RPMs.