Unparalleled Official News - DISRUPTION

Over the past few days on the UNPRLD Instagram, two colors of the new Disruption have been revealed. You may ask, what is the Disruption?

Initially revealed over 2 years ago in early 2017, the Disruption is the bimetal successor to the Corruption, which was UNPRLD’s first monometal yo-yo. However, due to machining issues at multiple manufacturers, the Disruption met a heavy delay in terms of release. After many attempts at getting this yo-yo out to the public, it’s ready! It plays like a mix between the Corruption & Sucction (our A-RT collab) as it sports a near exact profile and has more rim weight than both. Ultimately, I would say it’s the most competitively advantageous out of the bunch.

Find out more on our Instagram, @unprld!


The Lovechild of the Raytracer, Corruption, Charm, and Sucction.

was made before Raytracer, Charm, and Sucction technically lol

Ik Ik, I just wanted to say “lovechild” and then say a large number of items…


I’m holding out for the release of the DenTition™. Which is obviously a Ti-Sucction with weight rings made of the teeth of a sperm whale… for stability.



Anyone can give a description on how disruption plays? Also maybe compared to another bimetals like flashback etc?

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