unleashed or chik?


The title is a little misleading. I know 1 is for 2a and the other is for 1a. My real question is, should I excel in 1a, get really good and then do 2a, or should I start doing 2a and 1a? Will 2 a help me do 1a? So, if you were me, would you save up and wait till it comes out and get a chik, or next week go buy a unleashed? Thanks.


Well, I have a pair of unleashed’s and really enjoy them. Never tried a chik but I’m sure it’s great. Personally, I don’t think 2a and 1a coincide very much (not saying they don’t) but there is a lacking of great 2a players so I’d almost lean towards that. Do whichever you think would be more fun really, that’s what yo-yoing is all about.


Lacking of great 2a players?! Some of the best yoyoers in the world play 2a! While there certainly aren’t as many 2a throwers out there, there are by no means a lacking in great ones. I say experiment. Try out 2a. you may love, you may hate it at first, but stick with it and it’ll be worth it. If my sources are correct, the Chik will be $88 (or around $90) on release. Assuming you buy a 2a pair, let’s say the Unleashed, that’s $36 total so far. That leaves you $52 you left over compared to what you would have spent if you bought the Chik. With that cash, you could, in theory, afford the OD Rally or the CLYW Yeti when they come out, both of of which look to be great


Sorry I meant lacking in numbers that’s what I meant. There are tons of amazing 2a players it’s just that you can find great 1a players anywhere and 2a players that are really good are hard to find. No hating just what I’ve noticed.


I think all players should be able to do all 5 styles. I don’t mean be great at all of them, I just mean be able to do a few things in both.

For me, 2A does nothing for me to help with 1A except get my timing down to do regens and maybe make my reflexes a bit faster.

Also, buy 2 Unleashed. 2A needs 2 yoyos. If budget is a problem, get two Loop 360s. $8, fun and great to learn on for under $20, save the rest to go for the Chik!


2A is something a lot of people should learn but it’s a style that’s so different to the other 4 so not many people play it.


I would buy the Unleasheds and start 2A, so you can have something to do when your bored of 1A.


buy 2 chiks for 3a and the do 2a with an unleahed helps left hand use i guess