Unknown yoyo string monthly contest!!

Hello everyone, so here is how its going to work.

#1 You propose the contest
#2 I pick one
#3 You enter
#4 Someone wins and gets a pack of strings of there choice FREE!!

lets get it started! Here are a couple of contests I thought up

Best sculpture made of crackers
Best yoyo case
Most yoyo or non yoyo related stickers placed on one item.

Best new yoyo style

here’s a funny one :smiley: :

the most pointless picture XD

i might take a picture of a soup can on the kitchen counter or something… pretty pointless imo

lets see how silly/pointless we can get lool

The most pointless picture might be the winner, keep those sugestions coming.

Coolest looking potato

a pajama contest…

Biggest brand loyalty contest. wink**wink

Whoever posts most in this thread without double posting.

whoever says pickles first

i win

Best profile picture.

Best trick while being blindfolded

Best impersonation of underwater astronaut(NOT a scuba diver!)

Best “If Elmo and a Klingon had kids” impersonation

Best Joey Gladstone impersonation

Bump ;D

Best drum cover (playing drums to a song). You dont even need to know how to drum. Just go to a music store and take a video of you bashing a kit to your ipod!

Alright everyone the contest for this month is the best profile picture!!

Anyone who has posted in this thread is entered.

How is it judged?

I will set up another poll.