unknown metal throw, need help with i.d.


I recieved this yoyo from a trade a few weeks ago and the original owner had no idea what it was. Ive searched the web far and low and still have no clue, any help? 0 logos or engravings on it. Has an unusually short and fat axle. Ignore the polished rim


I don’t now but it looks awsome


I’m far from an expert on them, but it almost looks like a YYR (no idea which one though). That axle doesn’t look right though.

(2Sick Joey) #4

That looks like a C3yoyodesign Dark Sonic that was stripped raw


Looks like either a C3 Dark Star or Darksonic.



Dark Sonic uses broad pads and the Dark Star has rounded and much less beefy rims.

My guess is it’s a one off yoyo that someone machined.


Well whatever it is its pretty dang good, and it had a clear ano on it too, i had to sand it a crap ton before the polish eould take. If its hand machined then they did an excellent job


Be humorous if it ends up being a 10$ eBay yoyo. With everything that has been said.


nice polish job. its a bit of a cyclops now though :wink: