Uni students, what's your major?

What’re you guys studying in uni? I’m doing double majors in philosophy and english literature :slight_smile:



I’m a first year stats major.

Criminal Justice

Where my materials science engineering homebois at?

Can’t you imagine it? LinksLegionaire, MSE.

Give me 20 years but I’m going to make some dope yoyos.

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I’m thinking about something in engineering after I’m done with high school

oh yeah my dad is an electrical engineer. My dad says that for his work there will always will be work because there is always something that is electrical and in need of fixing.

I’m a Biology and Nursing Major :smiley:

Isn’t that what electricians do??

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Computer engineering with some Japanese on the side. Minoring in Japanese would be nice for my transcript, but I can’t fit the required credits into my schedule without doing 18 credit hours per semester until I graduate and 18 credit hours of summer credits.

Engineering is a great field to go into. Sometimes you’ll feel like you are being worked to death during college, but it is extremely rewarding. If you enjoy math and problem solving, engineering is the field to go into.

no my dad also does a ton of computer programming as well.

jhb was just saying that electrical engineering extends beyond fixing electronics

When I graduate next year, I’ll take some kind of engineering, because I’m one the few people who think math like Honors Precalculus and some algebra and physics stuff is easy. And yes, I’m Asian, Filipino to be exact.

P.S. I’m 15, turning 16 next May. If you’re Pinoy then u know how this is possible.

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High School Junior here. I’m thinking about Computer Engineering.

I’m an Air traffic control major. It’s a good major so far and it’s in demand. Something to consider for you youngsters out there. :wink:

I’m not sure if I have a major as we don’t really have that system in Norway. I’m taking a masters degree in teaching history and mathematics. On top of a bachelor in musicology.

Europeans also get free college education, so they can be whatever they like :[

Wow, that’s flat out not true!!! I wish it were though. Certainly many parts of Europe require a financial outlay for college. However, this is often considerably less than US costs, and in some cases can be offset with fellowships.

In Czech Republic, public universities are free. Most private universities just sucks and are viewed by most people just like buying degree with your money without doing anything.

I’m studying Civil Engineering at Czech Technical university. I got my bachelor’s degree this summer, after 4 years of study(at age 24). And hopefully in begining of 2016, I will have egnineer’s degree.