College Majors and life plans

I’m interested to hear what kind of things you guys are majoring in!

What are you currently majoring in?

Why did you choose that?

What do you hope to do with said major?

I am a Biology major (thinking about double majoring in chemistry as well). I love to know how our world works so I knew science was for me. Math isn’t exactly my favorite so I veered from physics, though being a engineer would be pretty awesome. I aspire to be in the research field. Don’t know much more than that at this point but I think as I go through the rest of my college career, I will figure out! :slight_smile:

Nice thread! Im majoring in horticulture. I chose it cause plants are awesome and working with living things is fascinating. Im hoping to be a grounds manager on a big expensive property someday. It seems appealing to me because I’ll get to spend outdoors and get the freedom to design aspects of a landscape and to care for beautiful plants.

Physics! Finishing up this semester and starting this summer as a Test Engineer. I was originally biology but physics caught my interest


I’m graduating in May with a degree in Air Traffic Control.

I really never knew what I wanted to do after High School but knew I had to go to college so I started with a business major. I changes to Air traffic the next semester after I heard a little bit about it and it was a great decision.

The hiring process to become an air traffic controller is currently a mess and really annoying. It takes a minimum of around 6 months to get hired and during that time you can get kicked out of it for various reasons (There are 2 test, a Psychological evaluation, and a background check) and once you are hired you have to go to an academy located in Oklahoma City for 5 months where the pass rate is around 50%.

Once you get there you won’t know what state you will be assigned to until graduation or just before.

But during my schooling I interned at an airport and hung out with some controllers. Seems pretty cool. Great pay and a job that can go from simple repetition to extremely stressful all in an afternoon.

English–creative writing here. Tried art major, and film, but decided that i liked making up stories just a bit more.

Keep yer day job.

I’ve been talking to teachers and advisors about adding a Chem major on top of the bio. It actually scares me to do so. I already spend lots of time studying but if I have to take calc 1-3 I bet I’ll have to spend tons more time attempting to understand :confused: I want to have a life still :stuck_out_tongue:

Middle eastern history major…

What are your plans with that? :slight_smile:

Want to be in the marines then I don’t know😉

I think the value of adding the Chemistry would depend on what you plan on doing with yourself. If you want o work in the medical profession, it may not help much. You might be better off with another complimentary minor like philosophy which stresses critical thought and logic.
If you want to be a pharmacist or do research, then chemistry may be very important for future success. Your college-counselor is there to help you. Let them know what your goals are and they can make the best recommendations for you to consider.

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I majored in Mathematics and Computer Science in the '80’s. Why? Because the North American Soccer League (NASL) went bankrupt in my Sophomore year in college leaving my dreams of professional soccer in shambles. :-
At the time I can remember thinking: “Hey computers seem to be getting big, maybe I should look into that”… Funny, how life works out.

Initially majored in Chemistry but dropped out half way to take a job. Did real well in technology development. Finally went back to school and graduated in Music Education. Now I’m a HS music teacher…

We’re not happy until you’re not happy! *<B{Q>

Thanks for the advice! It’s very appreciated! :slight_smile:

Currently debating between research and optometry. I actually graduated from a 2 year college before I graduated from high school, leaving me in my junior year of college right out of high school, so time is another reason I want to add another major. I don’t feel I have a good enough idea of what I want to do. I know I have to jump into something sooner or later but I think the 1 extra year will help me quite a bit. I also applied for numerous summer research experiences. Hopefully I can get one to obtain a better idea if I would want to work in that atmosphere :slight_smile:

A long time ago, in this very galaxy I was a Biology major. My undergrad focus was Ornithology and Ecology, but, the course load was balanced (molecular, biochemistry, calculus, physics, and the longest 4 letter word - organic chemistry). When i took genetics, something struck home, I was hooked. Grad school was focused on molecular biology and neuroscience. Several years in pharmaceutical r&d, now, after 10 years as a field application scientist in biotech, I’ve moved to scientific sales.

As you can see, I’m nowhere near the ornithologist I thought I would be, but, I’m still an avid birder. Keep your options open, try things, don’t ever think you can’t change your path. What you are learning now about being a scientist, the scientific method works for all problems, not just for the field or lab problems. Keep learning how to think and ask questions. Those skills will empower you in wherever you end up.

If you have questions, feel free to send me a PM. I’m happy to help any way I can.

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Thanks so much! This means a lot :slight_smile: I may take you up on that offer!

I originally studied Exercise Physiology with intentions to go to grad school. I got an internship at a lab and subsequently a job. Made good money but moved on after our funding ended. I got a job as a personal trainer with intentions of it just being a part time gig. I was offered sales position soon and a few years later was managing three clubs for someone else.

I saved up, took the jump, and opened my own Gym two and a half years ago. I opened the second a few months ago! You never know where life will take you!

Just never be afraid to take a risk while you still can.

After a career in aerospace and IT, my life plans are to continue to make the most of retirement. 8)

Materials Science and Engineering. Ultimately looking to do product development when working a full time job after finishing school.

That sounds like some awesome careers! :slight_smile: