Undersized yoyo question.

Hi guys, I have a Dv888 and I love it but I was wondering if because it is undersized will it have less spin time than a full sized yoyo? What are the advantages/disadvantages of undersized yoyos compared to full sized (if there are any). Thanks!

There might be a slightly shorter “spin time,” but that shouldn’t matter, especially with a good throw and having a metal. If you like undersized, stick with it. It also matters how much of the weight is at the edges of the yoyo. The DV888 has decent rim weighting which will help, but either way, a good throw trumps all.

the spin time is just a a liiiiiittle bit less, but it’s really about preferences, i like small yoyos a lot more than the bigger ones; But really the spin time is lessened by like, 10,15 seconds.

How can you put a number to it? Have you thoroughly tested that bigger yoyos can sleep 10 to 15 seconds longer? Doubt it.

The “spin time” won’t matter, especially with a good throw, and you shouldn’t get a yoyo just because it has a longer “spin time” than another. The exception would be the BK2 though.

Haha the Buddha King 2 isn’t a yo-yo, its a perpetual motion device that Yoyofactory got by going into the future via a worm hole that opened up when they had the entire contest team do 1000 tricks in unison.

I think it is all preference. I like smaller yoyos because I like to be able to completely close my hand on the yoyo, ( dont know why ) also I as Apetrunk aid it is a good throw otherwise there wouldnt be a variety in the record sleeptimes held on a King Buddha 2 which btw there is.

is this a fact that they sleep a little less or are you guys assuming? i have never noticed a difference and they are still the same weight as big yo’s too

I doubt its a fact.

Physics, my friend, physics. It won’t be a tremendous difference, but there is technically a difference.