So for Christmas I got two pretty controversial yoyos. A cascade and an 888.
The cascade- everyone says the shape is funny and you should always play one before you buy it. I had never played with one and I love it. Of course this is a preference, but it is still an amazing yoyo. I don’t think anyone could hate this yoyo.
The 888- I hear people say over and over that hubstacks are a novelty, that’s wrong. That’s specifically why I asked for this yoyo and I haven’t set it down since I opened it. The hubstacks are a blast and are fun to mess around with! Do not hesitate to get a yoyo with hubstacks, they are great!

I don’t know why anyone would say that about the Cascade. It’s great.

Not trying to change the subject at hand but Burnsides are pretty underrated too imo.
They play great!

I got a Nessie for Christmas ! It’s completed underrated . I even like it better than my Sasquatch! :smiley:

I could care less about things like over-rated or under-rated.

I’ll decide what I think when I play it. If I like it, it’s great. If I don’t like it, then I don’t like it.

I fail to see how the Cascade could be underrated. While it’s not ideal for me, I do like it and it plays great. The Burnside, while considered a budget yoyo by One Drop’s standards, fails to show me where any corners were cut because it performs so amazing.

I do feel some lower cost yoyos are underrated just due to price. These days, makers are creating many killer yoyos at amazing prices. It just proves that price is not a determination of quality.

Well I was told to play the cascade before I get one because it is a completely different feel as if it could be terrible.

Pretty sure nothing that comes from yyf or one drop is underrated

The 888 is a yo-yo that everyone should have. An Aussie highwall 07’ is my daily carry. (I admit though that I’ve only played fixed axle wooden yo-yos for the last several weeks.)

Since there are multiple versions of the 888, which particular one would you recommend?

However, this isn’t for me. I played one and I didn’t really care for it, so that’s a model I’m going to not get.

I’ve enjoyed my 888x. Sure wouldn’t call it a competition throw, but it’s a fun throw.

Hubstacks are largely a novelty. They can be pretty entertaining for a few days, weeks even, but tell us what you think of them in a few months time.

As for the Cascade I wouldn’t say it’s underrated considering it’s constantly mentioned and recommended. The first time I tried it didn’t appeal to me as much as I expected but now that I’ve spent a bit of time with it I really like it. Not quite as rim-weighted as most of ODs more recent throws but still a lot of fun.