Burnside review

I got my burnside a few days ago and I am extremely impressed with the job one drop did in this yoyo. Just like the description talks about it does have a lot of rim weight and has plenty of stability. I can’t stand unstable yoyo so if this is you get one right now. I also really like the weight of the yoyo. It doesn’t use the side effects axle system but I don’t really care. As you would think it comes with he standard one drop ten ball and flow groove but overall this plays like an extremely pricy yoyo. It is slightly cheaper that previous one drop models because the absence of the side effects. One drop also included amazing color ways. I got the burning ember edition I and have no yet found a spec of any kind of ano defect. Again this is a great yoyo

Great review, a little short, but good.
The Burnside is an amazing yoyo, right? My purple one is probably my favorite throw. So smooth and stable. Amazing yoyo. ;D

Definitely I played with it for a few hours straight and still wanted more.

I just got a Burnside yesterday and I might as well do a quick review on my thoughts so far.

I’ll start off by saying that right out of the box I could already tell that this is an amazing throw. Out of my entire collection of yoyos, this is quickly becoming my Pièce de résistance and a very refreshing break from my YYF-heavy collection. For anyone who is afraid of spending a lot of money on a yoyo, it is a fantastic $85 investment, and in my opinion performs just as good if not better than most $100+ throws. It is unbelievably stable and buttery smooth, never tilting or vibing a bit (just as long as you clean and maintain your bearing of course). Before this, I had never used a yoyo that didn’t tilt at all after a few minutes of combos; this one stays up and spinning like a champ seemingly forever. You know how sometimes when you throw incorrectly, your yoyo will shake or vibrate on the string, and get in the way of your tricks? In my 5+ hours of me using this, it hadn’t done that a single time! That’s how well designed and well made the Burnside is! I’m used to using YYF Spec and CBC Center Trac bearings, and through their use I had kind of developed a bias towards grooved bearings and saw flat bearings as inferior and poorly made. One Drop’s 10-Ball immediately shocked me out of my opinion, consistently providing a smooth, quick and stable ride that makes it paired with the Burnside’s body a perfect couple. I put my Konkave ceramic in it for an hour or so, and decided to put the 10-Ball back in because it simply just feels better. It seems like the Burnside was truly made for the 10-Ball, and work together well in a long and harmonious marriage. The shaping and anodization on the Burnside is top-notch, providing long-lasting finger and thumb grinds, leaving momentum behind to successfully return the yoyo to your hand. Besides it’s lack of One Drop’s signature Side Effects (Which, in my opinion, aren’t that big of a deal anyway), I literally couldn’t find any downsides to this throw. Quick, flowing and fun, the Burnside truly earns it’s name, after (I think) the famous Portland skatepark that, like the yoyo, is practically flawless, ensuring countless hours of unforgettable play. Formerly Clint Armstrong’s signature throw, it’s First Class quality makes Armstrong look foolish for leaving such a great yoyo behind.

TL;DR: That wasn’t much of a quick review after all. I’ll try to summarize it in a quick Ten Word review: Quick, Stable, Fun. So Much More Than A Competition Throw.


I don’t mean to bash but it was a bit short, here is a great guide to writing longer and more in depth reviews.


Also if you can add photos people love 'em.

Not every opinion should be a full review.

How would you say spin times are compared to the CODE1 or Chief?

I personally didn’t expect much from it when I first saw pictures. I figured it would be a cheap model to draw more people at the cost of performance. I have thrown a Code1 around for a while and I think it’s an awesome yoyo so why would One Drop make something without side effects? I had also thrown a Chief only a couple of days before and really liked it so when I saw it one afternoon I was thinking that looks decent. Then I threw it. This yoyo blew my mind. It was crazy stable, I could grind with it flawlessly, and it was so stable! I recently received a free mint Dang and even though I’m loving it too I think I’ll be needing to buy my one Burnside soon. Those things are just amazing. If you think Side effects are what make a One Drop play good think again. Ive yet to throw a One Drop that I wouldn’t buy, even the Cafe Racer(got one on its way) and this Burnside. Especially the Burnside

im lovin my burnside. my one problem with it is probably not even something with the yoyo but my performance and experience yoyoing. i put a brand new Gstring on it and after about 3 or 4 hours of play the string snapped where it loops around the bearing. i got so pissed cuz i was outside of KFC and it flew into the concrete and gashed it pretty good in a couple spots on the rim. still throws smooth as hell though. very well designed yoyo. put my KK in it after that incident and check the string thoroughly every 4ish hours of play. havent had any problems since then

Throw my 2 cents in - love my Burnside - when I’m testing new strings - its what I grab first…