Underated yoyos!!

know there is a post for over rated yoyos but I hope not this.

bbyy juvenile offender

Under rated? YYF whip or Dif e yo barebones

The Star Fox

Wait… wasn’t the “overrated” thread a response to a previous “underrated” thread? And now we’re having another “underrated” thread in response?? Hmm…

By who?


monkeyfinger EVIL? ???



yyj atmosphere ;D

-3yo3 Omnicron X
-3yo3 Bassline
-Yomerica Spindustries Planet 9
-Yomerica Spindustries Hand Candy
-Shinwoo Zen (1-6)
-Foxland Precision Minotaur
-Foxland Precision Katz Meow
-Foxland Precision Thunderwasp

either crossbones or tank, by dif-e-yo…



Completely agree.

Also, the Yoyojam Eneme. One of the best yoyo’s I’ve ever played with.

Bassline. Get’m while they are still out there.

Gonna have to go along with the Katz Meow by Foxland Precision. Love that thing. It does everything well, and didn’t cost me $100.

I’m not terribly picky right now. If I can throw it, I like it. Don’t care what others say.

However, going with the underrated thing, I have some inexpensive yoyos that I enjoy immensely. An Aoda Pear Ball(I think that’s what it’s called), a ONE and a WHIP, are all together under $30, and giving me TONS of enjoyment. Doesn’t have to cost a small fortune to be a good yoyo!

I created this post like 2 weeks ago…

It’s not exactly getting the massive amounts of attention the others are. I guess people can’t relate to this one.