Ultimate Mod

I really want to get a clear FHZ for my dream mod. Hers how it works:
-Put in Dif-Pads
-Paint it Blue with a gold splatter
-Put in a KK

Tell me what you think. And to anybody who has done any of this, do you have any tips?

I wouldn’t do this for your first mod.

I have recessed ( A Tiger Shark… Broke :() and it is actually harder than it looks

I’d Silicone recess it and schmoove.

That paint would be awesome…

Check out Dudeofyo’s guide thing…


He means Pad Recess.

Can’t you just put Dif-pads in there? They are made in lots of sizes.

Add a schmoove and a satin, and if done correctly, you will end up with a really nice playing yoyo.

Addment: Chances for doing all of this correctly on the first try is small.