Ultimate Mod


I really want to get a clear FHZ for my dream mod. Hers how it works:
-Put in Dif-Pads
-Paint it Blue with a gold splatter
-Put in a KK

Tell me what you think. And to anybody who has done any of this, do you have any tips?


I wouldn’t do this for your first mod.

I have recessed ( A Tiger Shark… Broke :() and it is actually harder than it looks

I’d Silicone recess it and schmoove.

That paint would be awesome…

Check out Dudeofyo’s guide thing…



He means Pad Recess.

(JonasK) #4

Can’t you just put Dif-pads in there? They are made in lots of sizes.

Add a schmoove and a satin, and if done correctly, you will end up with a really nice playing yoyo.

Addment: Chances for doing all of this correctly on the first try is small.