UK festival freaks

I spent quite a bit of last summer teaching and selling yoyos (and other circus toys) on the Firetoys festival stall, here’s a quick glimpse at the fun and frolics we had :slight_smile:
Video made by my friend

some good footage of me and my lovely lady Livi  Little in the first couple of mins.

Enjoy! forget the grey january and remember the sunshine :smiley:

That was awesome. I gota’ figure out how to get paid to do stuff like this.

Its all about getting to know people man :slight_smile:

I got it becuase I generally go to quite a few festivals, and last year I ended up at some where there weren’t a great deal of people I knew so I ended up hanging around with other jugglers/skill toy people at the shop.
made friends with the manager and I asked about work next year and he said yeah, just get in touch when the season starts.
These kind of jobs will generally go to someone already known and friendly with the current owners & workers

I know how easy it is to just stay indoors on t’internet and play yoyo :wink:
but yeah you gots to get out there and meet people

That was a real joy to watch!
Your yoyoing is great, and I loved watching the hooping! That’s something I have considered getting into as well.
Thank you for posting,

UK represent! That was awesome! Loos like you guys all have so much fun, which is what this is all about. :smiley:

Sick moves as well.