uber long string?

what kinda tricks can you do with uber long string that you can’t do with normal length string?
(talk about this stuff http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/295/YoYoFactory-Super-Long-String---10-Pack)

I decided to just make an extra long string instead of buying a 10 pack of that stuff. but yeah, I was just wondering, what tricks do you do with that?

It’s just fun! 8)

Very large whips, and cool slacks lol.

Seems harder to whip though.

yeah… there aren’t really any tricks (that i can think of) that you can only do on uber long string. honestly I don’t like long string, it’s harder to make things look fluid and tight on long string (imo) but if you dig it, rock it

lol I tried doing some 4a with it, and it was… interesting.
I like long string, but maybe not THIS long. haha

You CAN fracture your foot with it. I was throwing my popstar as hard as I could. Brand new string goes snap, and my foot goes crack.

that sounds painful.

i bought some and cut off like 1/4 its fun like that but still usable

Jensens’s elbow/arm play style?

Tourniquette is like impossible, I swear.