Tyler Severance's birthday today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IT’S TYLER SEVERANCE’S BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! Let’s wish him a happy, happy birthday! Today is going to be a really good day for me! Yay!!! Happy birthday for an awesome yoyoer, and my favorite!!

happy b-day to you!

Happy Birthday Tyler :smiley: ;D :smiley: ;D :smiley: ;D :smiley: ;D :smiley: ;D and thanks for making the Severe


to celebrate this, i am buying a severe :wink:

have a happy bday tyler :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Tyler!

nvm, my mom wont let me get it :frowning:

Have a good one man.

Yay! I bought a YYF yoyo that counts right?

Happy birthday Tyler!

Happy Birthday Tyler, especially from the Stalkers that find out the team’s birthday!

Happy birthday Tyler, and have a good one!

I would send you something but im tight on cash right now. Sorry

Happy b-day T-Sev! Keep up the great work!

What yoyo did you order?

Time to throw my Trainwreck originally owned by Tyler. Have a good one.

Happy Birthday Tyler!!! ;D

Man, I hope Tyler see’s this thread and replies.

That’s awesome man! I hope you love it.

Thanks guys! It was a great birthday ;D

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