Tyler Severance

Is it true that Tyler Severance throws with his index finger than his middle b/c it says so in this article http://yoyowiki.org/wiki/Tyler_Severance and I thought that would have a lot of disadvantages. I tried it and I couldn’t do a 1 1/2 mount.

it does have a lot of disadvantages to it. I used to throw this way and it was hard to do tricks with using this method. I no longer use my index finger, I use my middle now.

Yes - That is what I heard. However, now I hear he uses the back of his middle finger.

Here is a vid of his throw but I can’t tell what finger is he using but it looks like he has the slipknot on both his index and middle finger.

Here is a video of him after Worlds 07:


Clear up some confusion:

I throw 1A-4A all on my pointer finger. It was just more comfortable to me when I started yoyoing way back when, so i stuck with it. I can’t yoyo right on my middle finger to be honest, it feels all weird and gross. Like girls from Alaska.

You guys should play with your yoyos more, then care about how I play with mine, lol.

In other news, Andre Boulay is the new David Bowie. And the Legacy is the best yoyo that Yoyojam ever released.

I feel the same way :wink:

Is Tyler Severence is a girl or a boy? Cuz I Tyler’s hair that used to be really long. ???

Happy Throwing! =]

It is fairly obvious Tyler is a boy - I don’t think that question needed to be asked.
Guys can have long hair too.

lol, I know. :wink:

Happy Throwing! =]

Yeah. I believe Tyler had short hair at PNWR

wow i never paid attention

You should also pay attention to when the last post in this thread was.