Two Questions

I have been playing with Dark Magic yo yo for a few days now, and I think something is wrong with the plastic covers on the ends. Just the one side seems like it’s loose and it makes this annoying noise when it is spinning. So I was wondering is it safe to remove them? I know you probably don’t want me to take your name of the yo yo but believe me I tell everyone what kind it is and to check out your tutorials

Ohh and how much string is it normal to go through when you are learning? I have been knotting mine up all the time trying to do the bucket catch

If you mean the plastic that says “Dark Magic, Signiture Series, Andre Boulay” Then yeah, it’s totally ok to remove them, I have mine off, if you do remove em’ you can do thumb grinds and stuff like that. And the string, there is no really set amount, I knot up my string all the time trying to do different mounts.

They are called ‘Pogs’, or ‘Caps’, just so you know, and yes, totally OK to remove them. Suction cups work, or you can use some really sticky tape, tape the pog, and rip the tape up, they will pop out. This gets them off without damage. Alternately, if you have no intention of using them, just gouge a hole and pull them off. this damages them.

YOU should probably change your string once a week. as you play more often and for longer periods, youll change it more often. some strings wear out surprisingly quickly, ( Professionals playing hard might change them every HOUR!) while others last weeks, or even months (though I would never advise waiting that long). If you don’t change it a lot, thats fine, but check it regularly during play to make sure its not fraying around the yoyo side. if it is, change it! Preventative maintenance is much preferable to a yoyo flying off the string on a hard throw, and damaging it.

So does the pog have any kind of purpose at all because I can’t get it off without destroying it :[

On the Dark Magic the pogs are there for decoration more than anything. They do add a little weight but not much. They can be easily removed with a suction cup.

If your caps are loose we recommend contacting YoYoJam for replacements at

Its alrit to

I noticed that on my new DM2(OK, I’ve had it almost 3 months now) that one cap is a LOT looser than the other. Doesn’t really bug me.

I put a bit of colored electrical tape on one cap to help me see which side was which(part of my learning to do certain things) and when I went to take the tape off, the cap came off with it. Turns out it was the looser cap. Anyhow, I popped the cap back on because I like how it looks in there.

As far as string is concerned, I’m somewhat new. My practicing isn’t what I’d like it to be. Still I’m going through at least a string a week. If you’re trying to do bucket drops, you’re way beyond me for now. I’m fine with double or nothing, but that split bottom mount is taking me longer than expected to get the hang of, so my split the atom rather sucks.