Two (or three) of my metals for one of yours! (Campfire Added)

Here’s the skinny:

I will trade two of the metal yoyos below for another metal yoyo. Feel free to offer me a metal that you believe is equal in value to two of mine. I REALLY WANT:

-A Sasquatch
-A SPYY Punchline

I’ll trade all three of my metals for a Dreadnought, Sleipnir (Or however you spell it,) or something made of titanium.

I also want something Higby painted…

Please get at me!

***Disclaimer: My lousy photography skills do not affect the play of the yoyos.

#1: Kyo DNS (B-Grade). Plays like an A-Grade, it’s a B-Grade for a tiny anodization defect that takes some searching in order to find. Personally, I think Kyo is a madman for calling this B-Grade. No marks at all =)

#2: H-Spin Gorylla 411, number 16. Extremely smooth, very solid, underrated player. Mine has one miniscule ding near the rim (second picture)

#3: SPYY BBB MKII, number 320. Classic player. Plays like a champion, and that grinding surface is still one of the best. Mine has scuffs on both rims.

#4: CLYW Campfire: Very good condition, one nick on it that took me a bunch of tries to get on my camera (second photo). Great player.

#5: YYJ Hitman. Another great player. Rims are pretty marked up (this is my 5A yoyo, and I’m pretty bad at 5A, hence the marks). Still plays great.

#6: YYF Starlite. Very new, so much fun, glows in the dark. I bought it for a performance, and that’s over, so I don’t have a need for it. I’m more looking to toss this in with another deal.

Campfire added! Upsydaisy!


are you willing to trade a grind machine for your starlite