Two fat Ladies (TFL) vs. Night Moves 5

they both seem nice which do you think is better though

I thought you already had a tfl…

i do have a tfl im just wanted to know like if they are the same or one is better than the other. I really like the night moves 5

Yeah, ok TY for making that point.

The night moves 5 looks really cool, especcially with the
caps off. From what I know it has a HUGE gap. Like bigger than the 888.

the step up makes the gap like 7 mm. it’s insane

Yeah just looked; 7.35mm. ZOMG!


Too shay.


Since its such a big gap i mean are there any negatives to having such a wide gap.

Not really, Just you have to center the string a lot more, because the string shifts from side to side of the bearing I suppose.

That number is falsely inflated due to the step. The distance between the response system which is what really matters is a standard modern large gap.

Oh, sorry then. Your a pro, and I’m not so yeah lol.

But you could belol!
The Night Moves 5 has a konkave bearing so you should not worry about the tilting. That’s my opinion.
I think there’s a review about it at the reviews section.