Better Gap?

Well I’ve made my decision I’m getting DV888 as my next metal (whenever that is… :-)I was looking at the gap types… I like wide gaps but I also like tight binding… Which do you prefer small gap or wide? I just want to do my research before I order

Ps: all of the yoyos that I use are green ( the green team) and I love green. They don’t sell small gap green DV888’s is it worth breaking the habit for a small gap?

Silicone the LB one.

Tight binds, but a big gap.

I like the LB. If you bought the LB, I guarentee you wouldn’t be dissappointed.

The dv888 is an amazing yo-yo.

Who doesn’t like tight binds? lol I love big gap!

you like them in general or on a DV888?

In general

You actually aren’t getting a different sized gap (as far as I know). The large and small are for the bearing size.

… But if it’s a bigger bearing then won’t the gap be bigger? A little? I don’t know Ive only ever had one largish bearing yoyo. And the only thing I’m concerned about is that I don’t like doing double binds.

I have a dv888 LB. It binds perfectly fine, and with great ease. Just get it, dont worry about it, you will love it.

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