Night Moves 5 thoughts?

How’s it play? Stable? Fast? Floaty? I’m curious. I never hear about this yoyo, probably because it’s pretty old but still. The huge gap width is pretty intriguing but I don’t want to throw my money out randomly. If anyone could tell me how it plays and how it compares to modern newer yoyos that’d be great. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Funny, I got a night moves 4 at BLC :stuck_out_tongue: I think you should get something else though. Old YYJs don’t play that well. Get a Captivate, I think youll like it.

I love mine. Stable, not overly floaty, but feels nice. The gap doesn’t play as big as it seems. It’s one of the best of the older YYJ’s. I wouldn’t pay retail, but if you are getting it in a trade or cheap, go for it!

The reason it’s not commonly mentioned is because there was nothing really spectacular about it even when it was released. It’s an ok throw but there’s many currently being produced that easily surpass it