The Night Moves 5 yoyo review (lot of time and effort put in to this)

First impression-
When I got this yoyo I really didn’t feel it as anything special but the design but after a few throws I felt this was the best out of my whole collection. Why? Because it is very unique and different. With its wide gap, good spin time, design, I thought it was just the coolest thing.

Yoyojam has came out with the Night Moves 5. Each yoyo of Night Moves just keeps getting better. As many Yoyojam (YYJ) yoyos have caps. The caps are plain and simple, giving the name of the yoyo and company, which I personally like. The caps reflect, so you can see your reflection and anything elses reflection. The yoyo also says Dale Bell on it who is the owner of yoyo jam and surely a great designer. One of the coolest things about this yoyo is the 24k gold plated rims. It feels as if you are holding a very rare collectible. It gives it just a great shine and a very unique idea and look. The rest of the yoyo is made out of high quality aluminum making for great smooth throws. You can also get this yoyo in red but still keeping the 24k golt plated rims.


Without Caps-

Two great designs and its your choice which of the two you want

The yoyo is packaged very nicely in one of yoyojams small boxes.

This yoyo has a very big gap. With a width of 7.28 mm according to yoyoexpert. It is great for string tricks but for me I can barely tell its that big of a gap while holding it. It does make for a great part of the design though.

Sound- This yoyo has two different sounds to it. One is with the caps on and the other is with them off. When on the yoyo does get a little louder. Its not like the sound you get with all metal. Its almost as if you can hear the plastic rubbing against the metal. When the caps are off it is super quiet.
You probally wont be able to see the difference but if you can good. It sounds very load because I put it right up to the camera

Spin time-
I don’t want to put a exact spin time on it because it really depends on your throw. For me as a advanced player I got eleven split the atoms in a row so as you can see you can defiantly get some good stuff out of this yoyo. I would say a average spin time would be about 1.51.

This yoyo plays great. It is great for all string tricks for a lot of reasons. One is its konkave bearings. It keeps the string centered and keeps the yoyo going strait. If you are the type of person who does a lot of whipping this yoyo sure is great for it. This yoyo is pretty smooth. I feel its less wobbly though when the caps are off though. Its smoother with them off. I would say that this should not be a main yoyo for you more of a secondary or collective yoyo. With the big gap it is good for tricks like Boing E Boing because it keeps the strings together. Tricks like ripcord when there are a lot of strings in the gap at once it is also good for because it keeps the strings from touching the sides a lot which gives more time for more tricks.

Konkave bearing-
The Konkave bearing is one of the best things about this yoyo. It locks in very secure in the yoyo and defiantly great for the play. Personally I’ve never had a throw where the string wasn’t centered. This also increases the spin time because the string barely ever touches the sides of the yoyo.

Inside the yoyo-

The konkave bearing locks in nice and tight.

Silicone O-ring-
This is the response system for the Night Moves 5. This is a good response system because it does not grab that tight so it really doesn’t get knots often. But it is nice and has good consistent binds.

This yoyo is not the best for grinding partially because of the shape. If you are a big thumb grinder I would not recommend this yoyo. But of not it is great for a lot of tricks.

This yoyo has a great size. In general id like to call it medium because for example it’s a little bigger than ill say a metal zero but smaller than a two fat ladies yoyo. It’s the perfect size for your hand.

In order- Shinwoo Zen, TFL, Night Moves 5, Metal Zero
I got a better spin time with the Night Moves 5 then I did with the two fat ladies.

This yoyo is basically unresponsive but a good tug and it will come back up sometimes. Its better as you break it in. It really shouldn’t affect your playing because like I said it needs a few serious tugs before that yoyo will come up.

The yoyo has a great feel to it. Fitting in your hand very good having a very good grip, leading to a hard throw. Since the gap is so big it feels as if you pretty much just holding it with the finger the string it on and your finger is just wrapping around the gap so you can hold it nice and tight.


  1. great design
  2. has caps then can come on and off for different expiercences
  3. big gap
  4. good spin time
  5. very quiet
  6. string stays centered (konkave bearing)


  1. not totally unresponsive has a little bit of respones (doesn’t really affect any tricks though)
  2. little wobbly when thrown

Bang for your buck-
This yoyo is defiantly worth the money. It is defiantly more unique than a lot of other yoyos especially with its one of a kind 24k plated. Its smooth and defiantly such a cool gap with its vast size. The amount of spin time you get out of it defiantly helps you with tricks and so does the konkave bearing. Right now as off 2/18/10 they are out of stock on YYE but are available on YYN. I would defiantly get win. There is no way you can be disappointed and for $110 I say go for it.

Exact details
Made by: Yoyojam
Gap type: Fixed
Bearing: Konkave, Dif-E-Yo Type C Large
Shape: Butterfly/wing
Gap width: 4.73 (tapered gap) mm
Whole gap: 7.28 mm
Weight: 66.80g
Diameter: 52.54 mm
Styles: 1a, 3a, 5a

Anything else-
This yoyo was used by Dave Geigle who was in the national yoyo contest 2009 and also won first place.

Taking the caps off-

As you can see it’s a cool yoyo with a lot of things about it. Very unique from a lot of other yoyos. It plays great and its just $110. It’s better than a lot of yoyos I used and it’s the perfect size. You can grab it tight and throw hard throws. The gap size is great for everything all string tricks. I mean what other cheaper yoyos can you get with cool 24k gold plated rims, or a huge gap. So give it a chance and check it out its my favorite yoyo.

please let me know how you liked the review, I worked very hard on it

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Is there any room for coments. lol That was one heck of a review. And a good one. I can’t affor $110 though.

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I think this yoyo blows, I have it and it feels heavy when spinning despite the fact that stats says 66.8 grams. Also the weight distribution does not feel right while doing tricks and stuff. The only thing I like about this yoyo is that it is quiet, until you clean your bearings and put thin lube in it. BTW its responsive because its a brand new konkave bearing. KK bearings tend to be very responsive when new.

thanks man