which one .....

should i get the eneme or the night moves 5

Which one do you like better?

Both of them are wonderful yoyos.

i dont know i didnt really like the x convicts shape and i have never tried the night moves series

In that case, I’d go for the night moves. Try something new. You never know, you might find you really love the Night Moves 5.

Totally. If you know somebody that has one I would try to borrow that to see if you like the feel of it. If not, you can always trade or sell it if you don’t like it so you might as well go for the new one.

If you didn’t like the shape on the X-ConVict, go for the Night Moves.

Personally I would pick the eneme because of the shape

I’d pick the Night Moves 5 because of the gold. I think 18k might have been a better idea though. 24 is SOFT.

Night moves 5.
Try something new. The gap looks way sick.

Can I see some pics of the night moves?

The link is from a different store, so I won’t post it. Even though they don’t sell it here, they might sell them.

Check your PMs.

Night moves 5