Twisted Stringz Team Contest: WE WANT YOU!! Looking for a new team member!


Twisted Stringz Team WANTS YOU! Looking for Male or Female to bring their “A” game.

Contest rules:

  1. Must provide a Yo-Yo video 30-60 seconds in length by posting on my Twisted Stringz wall as well as sending me a link copy to

  2. Must provide a 1-3 minute long video interview on why you want to be on Twisted String
    z Team member as well as what you can bring to the table. Submit the video interview privately to me at

  3. Must contain “Twisted Stringz” logo both in the beginning as well as the ending of the video, somewhere on your shirt, in the background, where ever you are yoyoing.

  4. Be creative and don’t stand in front of a bush.

  5. No other LABEL branding in the video.

  6. Do as many tricks as you know how to and don’t repeat your tricks.

Looking for a cut above the rest. Have fun in the video, smile, be chill. WINNER will be chosen by the current Twisted Team Members on September 30th.

YOU ASK, what do we win? You get a place on the Twisted Stringz Team. What are you waiting for, get busy…start planning those videos! GOOD LUCK everyone!


Pm’d you with some questions. :wink: :wink:

(ed) #3

alas, i’m out. i essentially always yo-yo in front of a bush.


Sooo what your saying is it’s a sponsorship for free string?


How about a guy dressed as a bush?


what if i trim that bush to look like the twisted logo


I lol’d ;D

Also! Are you guys just interested in 1A or any style?




I’m interested in this