Twisted Stringz Gray Matter

Has anyone used the Twisted Stringz Gray Matter? Is it any good? I like speedy slack and whip tricks. How does it play on that?

whips insanely fast, lasts very long, decent tension, has a plasticky feel to it unlike cheaper bulk poly strings

So you like it?

If the only strings you’ve tried have been stuff like YYE poly, kitty, blueprint, buddha, yoyostringlab, it’s going to be completely different since it’s made from a very different type of polyester so I can’t really tell you if you’d like it, you’ll just have to try them out and see for yourself.

But do you like them?

I’m not a fan of the plasticky feel and they whip a little TOO fast for regular play for me.

They’re nice to have to just mess around with sometimes since they’re so different or when I’m practicing new whip tricks though

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I really like the string. I wish I had more. It’s “rough” but smooth? It’s a very contradicting feel, but it’s kinda hard to get string burns. Whips super fast and does last long. Very, very tight binds, so be careful. You have to wear it down a little for better binds, but it can get a little slippery rarely.