Twilight YOYOER Fan Thread!


Talk about Twilight!! Don’t you guys love the books! I honestly think it came to be a really cute love story!


I honestly hate everything about Twilight.

Unless you’re talking about the time of day in the morning.

I love that. :wink:


What?!?!? You don’t love twilight!!! It’s da best!


You know what this is used for!!!




How is it possible to like twilight and yoyo?

Burn the pillow…

Burn it…


I love Jacob I mean Werewolves.

Sometimes I listen to it and think what if I could be a werewolf like him…


I’m with Shadowz 100%. The story of Twilight had some promise but it got too weird and plot hole-y by the end. And the writing style and word choice makes me want to cry on behalf of the English language. But hey, if you enjoy it, good for you! I’m sure there are plenty of books I enjoy that you’d hate too.



Thank you. :wink:

I bet people wouldn’t like some books I read too. :wink:


Heyyyy, We’re all in titled to or own opinions! Don’t be a bully!


I’ll start posting some fan fics for the hard core twilight lovers,


Not being a bully. :wink:

Just have my own opinions.

I honestly don’t like it.

Do what you want.


Tempted to point out the grammatical errors here and blame it on Twilight but I’m going to link you to one of my favourite Tumblr’s instead:




That mad me happy. (The post)

I’m can’t go on Tumbler though. :stuck_out_tongue:


If you guys don’t like the thread, why bother with it? So why don’t you…



The same reason drivers always slow down as they drive past a car crash. Morbid curiousity.




Also, I just wanted to say how much I dislike this…


Nah man, after you!