TV Commercial Needs Throwers

Males and Females Ages 16-21 yrs old needed for a TV commercial shooting in the Hollywood, FL area in the next couple of weeks.

Email with photo and contact info if your interested.

I’m not 16 and sure as heck I’m not going to Florida, but I have a few questions
What is the commercial for?
Why does it need yoyoers?
What is the premise of the commercial?

It’s for a Yo-Yo commercial - hence the need!

Is it for a brand of well known yoyos like Yoyofactory, Yomega etc.?

I am in florida, I have two children that could do it. I do need to know more about the project before I even think about going to hollywood. PM me the info if you would. Insurance info and the like.

Wait, hollywood’s in florida? i thought it was in california…

There’s two Hollywoods.

Ok, thanks

I’d like to know a LOT more information.

Insurance and can be proven?
Production Company, years in business
Director, credits and vetted
Permits been obtained?
Production Studio, years in business
Hiring company, years in business.
Casting company and director and years in business.


Predicted air dates, as well as scope of campaign
Opportunity of additional shots, including callbacks
Video only or voice as well?
Recourse of action if footage not used in the manner initially agreed upon the footage would be used for.
Date of destruction for unused footage.
Access to footage, used or unused, and if permissions will be needed
Will I be credited? Would I need to join SAG? Do I need an agent? Are there auditions? Is the audition to be used in the commercial?
Recourse of action if footage not expressed said to used is then in turn used in the commercial?

Thanks for the comments and questions -

This is a Florida shoot - targeting 8/29 as the shoot date in Hollywood, FL
Production Company is Steve Procko Productions - we have been in business since 1984
Website: should answer all questions as to who we are and what we do.

This is a non-union shoot
There is compensation, however we are primarily looking for people in Florida to contain travel costs

just curious to know which yoyo company ?

obviously you are the production company but which yoyo company is this for?

unless you can’t give out that info than thats fine