Tutorials for Slow Learners ep4 GT Suicide

Been super busy! It’s always something. Today it’s a new tutorial for a simple trick. Go learn it, you slow learners, you!

Nice! I don’t know why, but I never thought to chuck it “into” a completed GT, which is why mine are never smooth looking like that.

Gracias, Monsieur Petit! I’ve got a few more tricks to try to film before December. Then it’s a month of Astrojax for me!

Such a good tutorial. Yours def look clean too. Good work


Bigyoyo bump


Taught this to a friend before I had even properly learned it myself (still haven’t; I’m knotting half the time!) and it’s his new favourite trick. Thanks, Waylon!


I appreciate the positive feedback. I wasn’t able to get another filmed before my one month of Astrojax, but January should bring a few tutorials that will introduce some fun new elements to the slow learner crowd. Also, I now have a wide angle lens and plans for better lighting. As much as I want these tutorials to feel like we are just hanging out in my kitchen, I think the video quality could use some improvement.

so… many… knots…

That’s called “negative reinforcement” :slight_smile: