Andy's Slightly Lame Tutorials.


Hi there guys, ive been without internet for quite a while so not really been very active on here.

But here are some tutorials i bodged together.
I’m aware i can do alot better quality tutorials (aka spending abit more time filming and editing).
But if enough people are interested ill bring out more.

Here are the two ive upped today.

The Prayer GT

Cross armed GT rejection



because you don’t need to embed…


Sweet tricks!


I agree!


Hah, cheers. I get confused with what forums require what.


Haha, it’s all good. :slight_smile:

I love the cross armed gt by the way!


Dope tricks! Thx


Awesome tuts, I don’t know if someone has already asked you this, but what yoyo are you using in those two videos?


when I saw “slightly lame” I thought this was going to be another one of those random channels that do horrible quality tutorials for tricks like double or nothing that everyone already knows.

I was pleasantly surprised by these tuts :slight_smile:
keep it up


Cheers again, i plan to keep it up. Just moving to london at the mo so may be a week or two.

Its UK Nats edition Code1. I take it everywhere with me.