Tutorial01- Speed Combo

I got bored and decided to make this. The trick is originally by Bcmaddog and there was a decent number of request for a tutorial. Let me know if you learn it. Feel free to give any feedback and if you have any requests for future tutorials I would love to hear them, tutorials are much more fun to make if you think someone else will actually use it.

Original by Bcmaddog: www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FxyG77wkDI&feature=youtu.be

Wow thats awesome! Thanks for making that!

Looks sick Finch! Great work!


Do you have an official name for your combo?

Speed combo? XD

Not really, I could make one…

Uhh… Bcmaddog’s speed combo, thats what other peoples go buy.

But if it really needed a name, I though of mount snapper. Lol I’m horrible with names.

good one worth learning

Let us know if you learn it :wink:

learned! :slight_smile: although I go turtle speed when I do it haha, gotta work on the speed now.

Aerial Flow.

Nice trick and nice vid.

Sadly I must be an idiot because every time I throw the overpassed double or nothing over my two hands…it binds back and smacks me in the knuckles.

Any Insight on what I’m doing wrong?

Double Or Nothing ----> Throw onto top string —> try to throw over both hands —> binds up

Thanks in advance!

YESSS This happens when I go fast. I thought I was the only one lol. But yes any advice anybody?

Whats the time in the video where he/me does it?

1:55 in his video.

I can do it if i keep my fingers close together but it always binds when my fingers are spread out and i “throw” the yoyo over.

First make sure the string is taught as you swing it over, you dont want it moving slow enough to have slack
try these two methods to fix it.
1.) keep your throwhand kind of low, below your nonthrowhand, as you swing the yoyo over.
2.) if that doesn’t work have your throwhand follow the yoyo, almost to the point where your throwhand is above your nonthrow hand. you can see me do this one a little bit in the video at 1:55, just emphasize that.
hope that helps

Part of it looks like Matios Turbo Repeater.
Great tutorial, seem like a lovely dude