What ever happened to this yoyo? Looks awesome, seemed like a decent amount of hype for it, but nonetheless I never heard much about it the day after it was released till now… Just thought that was weird…


There are a few Turntable in stock at online stores. The feedback was great. It was a new look, a new feel, and released in three of my favorite solid colors too (black, blue and silver). Turntable was a “one and done” release. They released one run, and that was supposed to be it. I was able to buy two, and feel lucky to have them.

Turntable is the same as some other YoyoFactory releases, that play great, but were limited to one run. Metal Replay, Cyborg 2.0, VKss, bi-metal Genesis and Doomsday Genesis, are a few others. What I have learned is that when it’s “one and done” from YoyoFactory, it’s going to be great. :wink: Grab a Turntable if you see one in stock somewhere.

https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5660/21890542565_5bf6d8c136.jpgTurntable by Total Artist, on Flickr

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Is a raw Turntable worth the purchase?

I don’t want to get one and have it tarnish right away on me…

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One of my favorite yoyos!!


Just polish it and it’ll be fine


How often will it need it?


Not that often really. Just whenever you feel like the mirror finish is dulling too much. Polish will be able to remove tarnish, and you’ll notice if it tarnishes. This yoyo that I stripped raw a couple months ago has only had one round of polishing and still has that mirror finish, granted I never play with it, and play expedites tarnishing.