Turning Point "RT" Review


The “RT” by Turning Point


Diameter 50 mm
Width 39.75 mm
Weight 65.5 grams

19mm K Pad response
CT Bearing

Out of the Pouch:

When I first opened up the black pouch that came with the RT I noticed that this was a blasted yoyo. Turning Points blast is very unique. Its not like a CLYW blast nor it is like a General Yo. It has character all its own. Next was the beautiful aqua color with the dark blue marbling. Most people know I usually only buy purple/green throws but I have always liked aqua. The size of this yoyo brings me back to my roots. The 50 mm size yoyo is what got me into modern yoyo play. Since I first had seen the RT a few years ago it was always on my list of throws to get.

Look and Feel:

In the hand this yoyo feels great. It fits like a glove and feels very organic. The shape is that classic Turning Point shape made famous by the Leviathan series. I love it. Kind of bell shaped but a bit different. Many throws from the past few years seem to borrow a bit from this shape (One Drop Cascade, YYF HOT to name a few)


This yoyo is a no-nonsense precision machine. It plays great. It is smooth and solid and plays very fast. It’s 65.5 grams are evenly distributed over the design giving it a very stable feel. It motors through combos and with its size and can go in and out of the most complex string trick I can throw at it.

One thing that I really have to mention is the spin quality. This is one stable yoyo. You can feel it moving in your hand. The spin times are excellent. I have to say though that I did make a few changes that in my opinion helped. First was a the addition of a KK bearing. I am not a fan of the CT and for this yoyo the KK is just a dream to play with it. The second thing I did was replace the white K Pads with a set of Thin IrPads. For some reason almost every Turning Point yoyo the pads stck out a tad and that drives me crazy. The thin pads sit flush and really aid in the spin time. You can see in the photo of the gap shot what I mean.

Overall Feeling:

Overall I would have to say that I am very happy with this yoyo. It has lived up to my expectations. I have owned the Positron and Leviathan 3 in the past so I have had a few Turning Point throws. This is the one though that I always wanted in the first place. I am really enjoying it. Below are a few more shots of the yoyo and a comparison pic with the One Drop Dietz.

Thanks for reading!!


Beautiful pics and a clean, concise review. Well done and thanks!


Thin IrPads really work in Turning Points? What dimensions?


They are the normal 19mm standard pad size that most YYF/YYJ/Turning Point use so yes they are just a tad thinner.

Here is the link to the pads.



Do IrPads last longer than yyf response pads? I’ve been wanting to try some for a while. Last night I ordered some yyr response pads (hard). I’m not sure what the difference between hard and normal is, but normal was sold out so I didn’t have much of a choice.


I do not know if IrPads last longer. The harder the pad the less responsive it will be. The softer the pad the more responsive it will be. In general the harder pads last a bit longer than the softer ones. Also some ppl burn through pads much sooner than others do. In my experience with 19mm pads (which is not much as most of my yoyos are either One Drop or CLYW) the IrPads have been the most consistant.


Don’t forget to pack that for Worlds !!!


You got it man!!! I am only bringing about 6-7 with me but that will be one!!!


Anybody notice that the RT has that Dietz side effect look? Lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great review!


Yes my friend it does!!! That is kinda why I used the Dietz as a comparison!!! Nice job!!!