Reveiw Of the Turning point Paraniod for those of you gawking at it

Review of the Turning point Paranoid!

Note: before i say my review please note this is like my 2nd review i have done so i don’t need no haterade!

Diameter: 52.5 mm/ 2.06 inches
Width: 41.15 mm/1.62
Gap width: 4.56 mm/ 0.18 inches
Weight: 65.7 grams
Bearing size C

Looks: at first glance I absolutely love the color way on my yoyo which was purple and this yellowish lime green depending on what type of light the yoyo is in but it gives this nice purple glow around the edges when spinning which looks beautiful. long story short there are some killer splashes for this yoyo! Plus the H-Shape on this yoyo I love it’s a nice rounded off H-shape that gives a really nice feel in your hands that’s nice and natural yet kind of sort of angled.

Play: I found the yoyo really smooth and nimble for a yoyo due to it being slightly undersized which makes it perfect for intricate tricks, also this yoyo sleeps forever and ever so if you find yourself doing extremely long lengthy combos. For grinds I can’t really complain I mean the yoyo is very smooth and the ano on it has a nice slick feel so you basically can do grinds with ease, However this yoyo is kind of tricky to do horizontal finger spins on with it due to it not exactly having a lip or anything this also makes it kind of hard to do thumb grinds as well. This yoyo is awesome for fast and speedy combos so if you got a fast japanese style you shouldn’t whine about it being slow. This yoyo is awesome for rejections or as any complicated trick this yoyo can handle it with ease and still pack a punch afterwards for more.

Price: I find this yoyo very expensive but I got mine for free as a gift from my grandparents so I can’t really whine about the price of the yoyo other than its fairly expensive. This yoyo however I find it worth the price is everything that a $169 yoyo you would expect in. Turning point yoyos are generally very expensive but this one is worth the price with how much detail is in it. just remeber its an expensive ding in the yoyo if that happens.

Stuff that I feel is important to note or say:
This yoyo actually is heavy in play so it’s nice and stable. (if you don’t know me most of my yoyos in my collection are heavy yoyos) Also the bearing it comes with is awesome I don’t know what type of bearing it is but it’s definitely not a stock bearing. I think it’s some curved bearing of some kind because it has a shape like this __/ to it but when designing this they took every little detail into it (even down to the bearing which i like) which definitely shows through. Also it comes in this nice velvet bag that is soo pretty its awesome for holding those tiny yo yo parts and stuff when your on the go or its in your backpack in case of a yo yo emergency.

Conclusion: I had this yoyo for almost a month now so its safe to say If your willing to buy a turning point or this yoyo in general i would say go for it because i don’t have anything to complain about this awesome yoyo. i mean turning point did a great job designing this yoyo with every little detail so you cant really go wrong with it in my eyes but I’m not the one buying it so its up to you guys if your willing to buy it. So if your into undersized yoyos or such its definitely for you or along those lines.

Nice review. Thanks, Abby!

no problem! If you still have questions about it just lemme know!

I’d like to see some photos but other than that, nice review! =)


yeah it’s kind of hard to do when I don’t have a working camera but I can take some video footage.

Good review! The bearing is a CT BTW.

I just bought one of these, steep price, but its my first turning point and i really wanted to try one :slight_smile: cant wait!!!

If you don’t like it, I will be seriously shocked. I just got an aqua with orange splash(blasted finish).

When I took it out of the black pouch, I just thought, ‘uh, looks like a midget Turning Point’.

…No string in the package. < Actually, I don’t really care about that, since I usually change out a stock string, immediately.

So I got out a Slim Kitty string. I pre-stretched it cut it. On the finger, down the string, all Smiles.

You know how you can earn a Power Up in video games? Well, the Power up is built right into this Mini-Beast.

Looks can be very deceiving. What a pleasant surprise. This Paranoid is a giant killa.

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Can’t wait to “power up” :slight_smile:

I know this throw will be a winner !!

Great review.

hmm mine came with with string odd or my grandparents are very thoughtful.
Also in my recent Yoyo video I’m using my paranoid it has a nice preview of color on my Yoyo if your curious.

Just got the paranoid!! Wonderful throw, i love the size and finish. Plays quick and deliberate :slight_smile:

so I am guessing you like it?