The Turning Point Paranoid! New Shinji Saito Signature Throw!

The newest Turning Point yo-yo is the signature throw for Shinji Saito! Shinji is a 12-time World YoYo Champion in the 2A and Combined divisions, and when you watch his 1A freestyles you can see the unbelievable potential he has to dominate the 1A contest scene!

His yo-yo was specifically designed with his unique play style in mind. He worked along side Turning Point’s Kentaro Kimura to ensure that every aspect of his new signature yo-yo would be perfect. And after countless prototypes and testing they finally got it right – this is The Paranoid!

The Paranoid was designed with a “slightly smaller than average” size to provide players with the ease of maneuverability and speed you get from undersized throws but without the “too small to really compete” size. Add to that some impeccable weight distribution and a thicker outer rim and the Paranoid comes alive with the spin time and stability of a full sized throw. This gives you the best of both worlds and creates a completely unique play experience that fits perfectly with the complex technical style Shinji Saito is known for!

It’s alright to be a little paranoid sometimes, but with this yo-yo in your hands you will have the confidence of a world champion every time you step on stage!

^^^^ i have this yoyo i am loving it right now my grandparents got it for me when they went to Prague its definitely worth the money its awesome! ;D

Looks so good. And so perfect for my tastes. It reminds me a lot of the Puffin 2 (with some clear differences of course) but a touch smaller and a touch lighter… just different enough that they probably don’t play quite the same. :wink: I’m sure the weight distribution is different, too… something you can’t really grok from pictures.

Definitely want to try one.

I agree. It looks like it would be a pretty good throw with how it looks and by the specs. It would be nice to get and try, but that’s a little too pricey. Might have to wait til there’s one on the bst.

Looks great! Also has a striking similarity to that other Turning Point…Which one is it? Oh yeah, the rest of them.

So true. :wink: YYR in their previous incarnation (pre-Draupnir) were pretty bad for changing specs and not much else… but even they had more like 2 or 3 basic “styles” instead of just one.

But since I don’t have a TP yet, this looks like a good one for me!

If any of you guys are interest as of now I am in the middle of writing a review for this Yoyo that I have had for about a month.

I bit the bullet on this one, ill let you guys know how it is once it arrives ;))

That throws like glass solo smothh

believe me it is smooth like no other.

I’m a big fan of Turning Points.

Like Links said above they do seem oddly similar to one another.

It looks very narrow.

It’s back in what used to be considered the “normal” zone of the modern era. That “normal” zone seems to be creeping up to 44mm these days, but 41.x isn’t extremely narrow. YYR’s Laser is a new release that is even narrower.

It makes me love it all the more! 2.x mm isn’t going to change how well I can catch the yoyo on the string, but it IS going to affect string formations for tech tricks. It’ll squeeze through narrower spaces. :wink:

Starting to feel like I need me one of these…

I’ve been wanting to try one as well since I love undersized throws but I think I’m gonna end up going for the leviathan 5 instead :stuck_out_tongue:

Like the Werrd Minute, I would hesitate to call this one “undersized”. But it’s on the smaller side, for sure.