Turning point response system break in time?

Hey all! I got two TP throws yesterday, I’m absolutely loving them! The only issue is the pads are still sticking out. I read that they break in and eventually lay flat. I’ve played them a ton since yesterday. Just wondering what Y’alls experience with these pads are. Should I just replace them with flowable if I want a recessed pad? Which I do. Thank you!

I don’t have a whole lot of experience with Turning Point other than my Positron, and it needed no break in time for the pads or the bearing.

Pads can take a while to break in, more than just a couple of days unless you have some really rough string. The models may be compatible with flowable, so you might want to go ahead and consider that as a viable option, as according to my out of date database, most models are compatible with pre-made CBC Large Pads slim(YYF/YYJ pads). Yoyos that use that pad are compatible with flowable silicone. If pre-made pads are your thing, maybe try IrPads or Buddha pads or the different YYF response pads.

The only negative about flowable is as you know, it takes 24 hours for it to cure.

I like flowable but I might prefer store bought pads just for the not having to wait 24hrs during pad changes. Does anyone know what kind of pads I’d need to get for them to be recessed in my TPs? I heard they were IR pads but I’m not sure which size to get. I also may have heard wrong.

It depends on the model. What TP’s did you get? Hit the IrPads page on the store, match that up to your TP models and you should get answers fast. If not, post what you got and/or ask YYE for advice. Either way, you’ll still get fast answers.

I ended up opting to flowable, thanks Studio42! :slight_smile: